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About The 12 Week Free Online Guitar Course

This 12 week guitar course teaches at three different levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced (so, with 12 weekly lessons at each level, it's more like a 36-week course!) Regardless of your current abilities on guitar, you'll definitely learn some exciting new techniques, concepts, and skills using this absolutely free course!

Created by guitar expert Adam St. James -- author of the popular DVD guitar courses "Logical Lead Guitar" and "Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar," as well as the best-selling books "101 Guitar Tips: Stuff All The Pros Know And Use," "101 Recording Tips," "101 Singing Tips," and "The Incredible Scale Finder" -- this 12 week online guitar course will set you on an amazing path of learning, discovery, and FUN!

Adam developed his books and courses -- and this free online guitar course -- after he spent decades playing, teaching, and writing about guitar and, perhaps more importantly, 20+ years interviewing and/or producing instructional videos with celebrity guitar heroes such as B.B. King, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Three Doors Down, the Allman Brothers, Aerosmith, and hundreds more of the world's most popular celebrity guitarists.

The information in this course is based not only on the teachings of an esteemed guitar industry veteran -- much of it includes advice, tips, and knowledge brought to you straight from the world's most renowned guitar heroes!

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Each of the study paths below features hours of video clips, tablature, sheet music, pdf book downloads, jam tracks, and much more. Choose the path that's right for you -- and please feel welcome to come back again and again to study at all three levels!

Beginners and Novices Start Here

If you're a beginner or close to it, this is where you want to start. Even if you find that you already know some of the things you're about to see, there are important concepts and teachings coming along this study path in the weeks ahead which you may have forgotten, your private teacher may have skipped over, or your friends never told you about.

Besides, it never hurts to refresh what you know. And if it proves to be too simple, you can always start over with the intermediate section of the course.

Just do it:

Go here for the Beginner video guitar lessons, tablature, and pdf downloads.

Intermediate Guitarists Start Here

An intermediate-level player should already be able to play a variety of songs using the CAGED chords, barre chords, and riffs. You may already be playing some lead guitar, or at least some single note melodies. You might know a little about scales and arpeggios, but not enough to fully understand how your favorite artists do what they do.

If that sounds like you, this is the place you want to be:

Go here for the Intermediate video guitar lessons, tablature, and pdf downloads.

Advanced Guitarists Start Here

An advanced-level guitarist should understand music theory quite well, be able to easily put all positions of the diatonic and pentatonic scales and the CAGED arpeggios to use, have the knowledge to play numerous voicings of any chord, and be able to quickly and accurately learn almost any song by ear.

If you're at or close to that level, there's so much more essential info here for you!

Go here for the Advanced video guitar lessons, tablature, and pdf downloads.